Welcome to the Dog Friendly Home of Dog Behaviourist, Ulrike Meder.

Based in Bad Tölz, Southern Bavaria, Ulrike provides ethical and friendly dog training in-person, or Video Training to the rest of Europe and The World.

Ulrike's had over a decade's experience in training and rehabilitating hundreds of dogs of all breeds, from all backgrounds. Ulrike uses modern behavioural methods, based heavily in understanding the psychological attributes specific to your dog’s breed.

Like humans, dogs have their own unique personality. The key is to understand them, and to create a unique bond with your dog.

Uriike will provide you with the skills to have a happy life with your dog. So whether you have a new puppy or adult dog, Ulrike can help you with any problem, at any stage of your dogs life.

Dog Training

Ulrike can work with you and your dog to resolve any issues, such as:

Improving Your Dog’s Social Behaviour

Does your dog display unwanted social habits towards people or other dogs? Ulrike can equip you with the skills to improve your dog’s social behaviour whether at home or enjoying your time outside.

Improving Your Relationship with Your Dog

Do you experience a lack of contact with your dog? Does your dog pull on the leash or not respond to your recall? Ulrike can improve the communication you have with your dog to ensure that you remain in control at all times.

Overcoming Anxiety & Aggression

Is your dog nervous or displays aggressive behaviour towards other people or dogs? Is he sensitive to noises? Does he dislike car rides or suffer from separation anxiety? We teach you the skills to ensure that your dog feels comfortable and confident in all these situations.

Puppy Training

So you’ve recently bought a cute little puppy but not quite sure how to get started on the right foot? Ulrike can show you how to correctly develop a healthy relationship with your puppy to ensure years of love and happiness together.

Dog Socialisation

No matter how young or old your dog is, socialisation and play is at the heart of a healthy relationship. We arrange dog & owner get-togethers where you can socialise your dog with others, allowing them the chance to be observed and helped where necessary.

Overcoming Personal Phobia towards Dogs

Are you scared of dogs? Have you had a bad experience that you have not recovered from? Ulrike has helped many people to experience a friendly relationship with our canine friends.

Ulrike has a choice of courses available depending on your dog's needs and your circumstances. We offer single Consultations through to intensive 3 day courses, together with Training by video or in-person training.
  • Dog Training In-Person

    Ulrike offers personal individual training or group socialization training for adult dogs, young dogs and puppies in the districts of Miesbach, Bad Tölz and Bad Tölz.

  • Dog Training by Video Call

    Wherever you may be in the world, Ulrike can provide effective training by Video using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom.

Ulrike's Approach

  • Ulrike uses her extensive studies and experience in dog psychology, having learned from the world’s best Dog Behaviour experts to utilise each dogs unique set of characteristics to get the best results.

  • Train the Trainer

    Ulrike is also fully qualified to provide courses for future Dog Trainers. Ulrike’s intensive training course will get you skilled up.

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